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SVF carbon fabric Daiwa X45 technology V-Joint joints Reel seat with anti-slip finish Fuji hook stop


The return to the Daiwa catalog of a name, which in Italy means Bolognese cane, passes through a new history and at the same time linked to the traditions of the Japanese brand. Amorphous is a name that has always been linked to tools that combine the refinement given by the use of noble materials, in high modulus, with a reliability that goes well beyond those which are the uses on which the rod is conceived and centered from a point of design view. Here the analogies with the past end. All the rest, the design, the action and the materials, have been chosen to meet the unique requirement common to each past, present and future Amorphous: to amaze! Let's start from the material, it is an SVF carbon that combines fibers of a larger section which serve to have a greater compactness of the carbon composite with a very low incidence of resin. The resin itself is reinforced through the use of synthetic micro-fillers, very hard materials dispersed in the crystalline structure, which are intended to increase the strength of the blank. This type of material allows the designer to design thin pieces with mechanical characteristics similar to those of more conical and larger diameter pieces, made of traditional materials. The series is structured on two different designs declined in 4 lengths each. The cut with the past, the one that reaches the requirement set at the beginning - amaze - lies in the fact that the rods have "lost" a class of diameter compared to their characteristics of use: in the series there is a rod considered thin, capable to manage floats up to 25 grams and fines of 0.20 and an even thinner rod capable of handling 0.16 finals and floats up to 15 grams. The first barrel - REGULAR - from 5 to 8 meters, measures 23.5 mm for the 7 meters. It is therefore a very fine rod to the handle. Allows you to tackle fishing at 360 °. It is oriented to the river and sea fisherman who prefers gentle actions but with the right degree of decision. The AIR BOLO concept of action has also been taken up on this rod, a winning choice appreciated by the public: the curvature is very wide and extremely continuous. The effort moves along the barrel of the rod in a very gradual and controlled way, leaving the fisherman safety margins on the terminal and all the sensitivity and contact with the prey he needs. This rod during the test has held up to the comparison with the clever Chubs of Oglio and Peschiera with 0.08 finals putting 2 kg fish weighing. a current of 15 grams. At sea it has proved to be the ideal weapon for fine reef fishing for sea bass, the king of mouths, with medium but also sustained ends. The second rod - PRO POWER - wears the soul of a resistant off-road vehicle in the light body of a 24mm formula one. And in reality it is. It is the cane for those who make fish cut their bread and need robust ends. It is optimal in fishing for white fish with medium ends, for example in situations of sustained current, or distance fishing, since it has a very progressive and elastic action combined with a not rude but powerful top. The range of situations that this tool can cover places it in the category of Barbo and Carp rods: it is optimal for those who are not ashamed of climbing to a 0.20mm. The Pro Power rod suitable for fishing for the Sarago, combines the right progression to save the ending from the episodes of this leathery Sparide with the authority to limit its escapes. It manages excellently finals of 0.12 and for the best also of 0.10: this places it as a final weapon in situations of fine fishing at a distance where it once again expresses excellence due to the firm and cutting action that favors the launch. The 9-meter version will satisfy lovers of higher seabeds, harbors, as well as lovers of fishing with a fast and progressive Bolognese.

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