C4 elastico latex tubing mm.16 interno 3.2mm.

C4 elastic latex tubing 16mm internal 3.2mm.

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The C4 latex tube is supplied exclusively by Primeline Industries in the fluorescent orange color and with the "C4" brand. Since 1982, the leading American company in the sector, has been producing high quality natural latex. The company has developed a latex tube with unique physical and mechanical characteristics, whose high qualities are recognized unanimously by the market. Primeline natural latex owes its extraordinary characteristics to the "continuous immersion" production process during which the latex is produced in layers. This is a very long and expensive process which however guarantees a qualitatively superior product. The elastic C4 Ø 16mm with internal hole Ø 3.2mm is produced with 125 dives while the same elastic with internal hole Ø 1.6mm is immersed 172 times. After drying, called "soak off", the elastics generally lose 9/10% of elasticity. The model developed for C4 has a loss of only 2%. Latex is virtually free of proteins, which cause allergies, and is also free of highly polluting phthalates. The raw material of latex is a milk extracted from plants, mainly Hevea Brasiliensis. Unlike other manufacturers, Primeline does not dry the base material before processing (chewing) so as not to break the polymer chains. The result is a more elastic and cut-resistant latex tube. OD 14MM ID 1.6MM is an extremely reactive and progressive diameter of elastic that is used on large blue fishing spearguns. OD 16mm ID 1.6MM is the most powerful shotgun strap on the market. Thanks to an increased thickness, it manages to combine power and reactivity. The result is immediate energy delivery without modular loss of strength. It is the ideal elastic for applications on rifles equipped with a single elastic or double elastic. OD 16mm ID 3.2mm is the most efficient elastic with the best ratio between load force and power output. Suitable for single-elastic rifles and ideal for double-elastic rifles. PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES STRENGTH TENSILE / TENSILE STRENGHT (psi): 146MM MAXIMUM ELONGATION / ULTIMATE ELONGATION: 750% min HARDNESS / HARDNESS (Shore A): 35 ± 5 MODULE 100 % / 100% MODULUS (psi): 125 max SPECIFIC WEIGHT / SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 0.97 max PRICE PER CENTIMETER.

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