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just 1300 grams for this carbon model, characterized by a very comfortable shoe and available in different colors. Simple to use, very little tired legs. It should be used with short strides and without forcing the thrust too much, otherwise it tends to drift slightly. WE GIVE THE NUMBERS. • High level of finish. The surface of the blades shows a stratification of the fibers that extend diagonally. The shoe is glued to the blade with fine side members: there are no screws and counter plates 8. • Surface rendering The shoes are comfortable, flexible in the points around the ankle. The thrust afloat is excellent. The blade is extremely reactive and the perception of excellent lightness and progressivity. The edges are low and if you force the stride the blade tends to slightly drift 8.5. • Deadlift Very ready. If the ballast load is important, they tend to take water with less precision, but as soon as they stabilize, the thrust is powerful. They are responsive and easy to handle fins for anyone 8.5. • Muscle fatigue. Fatigue is an unknown word for these fins. They are very light, not demanding and the legs never strain in swimming. With a few narrow strides, they are very well used 9.

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