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COLMIC CANNA beach-ledgering TEKNICA PRO GR. 30/130 MT. 4.20

COLMIC CANE beach-ledgering TEKNICA PRO GR. 30/130 MT. 4:20

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The description of this tool can only be synthetic, since even the evolution that the name "TEKNICA" has undergone over the years has always been the synthesis of perfection. Compatibly with the improvement of materials, projects and production processes, we have always wanted to concentrate the highest quality in all aspects from Teknica. With the Teknica Pro 2016 we have cloned the best genes of the previous XT and XXT series, summarizing them in a single, surprising, fishing jewel. A rod that define "Beach ledgering" is absolutely reductive. A tool too versatile to be relegated to a limited and limited space. These are the reasons why we prefer not to go further, and let your expert eye discover it definitively. Also revised from the aesthetic point of view, the new Teknica Pro has been defined by experts in the sector, the best product in its category. The description of this tool can't be summarized shortly in few words since the moment the evolution of the same word "TECNIKA" has changed during the years but it's still remaining the perfection summary. It was revised in accordance with the materials, project and production improvements and since its birth we had been focused in Teknicas, achieving the best quality by every point of view. The new Teknica 2016 summarizes all the XT and XXT series past genes rising a unique and surprising fishing's jewelry. This rod cannot be defined as a "Beach ledgering", because it is very versatile. These are the reasons and we cannot talk forward, leaving the judge at your eyes experts whose will discover it. The Teknica has been renovated exteriorly and it has been nominee by the masters as the best product of its category. RED: Carbon Tip HH GREEN: Carbon Tip MH YELLOW: Carbon Tip LH

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