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Combined with our first light stage MK11 with balanced membrane, the simplest possible system is obtained. The new MK11 has a forged brass body, a technique that allows you to reduce its weight without sacrificing reliability and performance. Membrane architecture: water does not come into contact with internal mechanics. Balanced first stage to ensure constant delivery with any tank pressure. FIRST STAGE MK11 The MK11 model is a balanced membrane first stage, similar to the MK17 but without the sealed balance chamber. It is the ideal choice for sport divers who want to take advantage of the advantages of a membrane first stage in temperate waters. Membrane technology. The first membrane stages are isolated from the external environment, to prevent the ingress of water into the internal mechanism. Considering that the regulators generate temperatures down to -30 ° C following the exceptional speed of the gas flow and the pressure drop that occurs, it is essential that the moving metal parts do not come into contact with the icy water. For this reason, the first membrane stages are preferred by divers who dive in cold waters or work in polluted or rich in suspension waters. The SCUBAPRO membrane models are equipped with a particular balancing technology and take advantage of numerous patented innovations that allow them to guarantee a voluminous second stage air flow and an immediate response, which translate into extraordinary performance. Membrane balancing technology ensures constant performance regardless of cylinder pressure and depth and optimizes second stage performance by reducing respiratory effort. Two opposite high pressure outlets: the positioning of the high and low pressure hoses is crucial for the comfort of the dive. The presence of two opposite high pressure outlets allows to position the first stage in the preferred way (with the turret up or down). This allows the diver to position the instruments to the right or left and increases the freedom of movement of the head and neck. Multiple low pressure outlets: to ensure maximum freedom in the arrangement of the low pressure hoses, the MK11 model has four low pressure outlets in a fixed position, two of which are HP type. DIN / INT first stage configurations: to ensure worldwide compatibility, all SCUBAPRO first stages are available in the INT 200 bar version and in the DIN 300 bar versions. Intermediate pressure adjustable from the outside: allows SCUBAPRO authorized technicians to perform precision calibrations or repeat adjustments following maintenance operations without the need to disassemble the first stage. C200 C200 offers the advantages of the OFD valve in an easy-to-use dispenser . The small size of the C200 makes it comfortable and light. Optimal Flow Design (OFD) valve that ensures reliable and high air flow and improves respiratory work compared to a classic downstream valve. VIVA coaxial adjustment to control the Venturi effect and prevent self-delivery. Redesigned mouthpiece conduit to facilitate exhalation. Available combined with INT 232 bar and DIN 300 bar first stages. Anti-scratch cap

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