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Torch with a strongly asymmetrical design that boasts excellent ergonomics and a high perception to the touch of its geometric characteristics. Thanks to this particular design, the position of the switch is immediately identified without the need for the visual organ. The porthole and the body are covered with thermoplastic rubber to extend its life and limit the impact noise if used for fishing. These ergonomic features are a big advantage over the circular section aluminum torches that do not give feedback on the position of the handle and in some cases even require two-handed use for ignition. The switch has three positions: off, on unstable with automatic return, on. The unstable on position is particularly useful in fishing because it allows flashing with a simple push. The strap with spring slider allows adjustment according to the user's needs, but being elastic it can be removed in an emergency. Power is supplied by 4 AA alkaline and rechargeable "Stilo" batteries. The power supply has an electronic management that eliminates the gap between the various electrical potentials of the different types of batteries and guarantees 30% higher efficiency than commonly used systems. Choice between two power levels. The electronics warn of the need to replace the batteries and are equipped with auto-shutdown, differentiated according to the power level chosen, if it is left on and forgotten. The LED has a neutral white color temperature similar to sunlight for maximum color rendering in an underwater environment. The LED light beam is narrowed into a spot light beam of about 6 ° by means of an ultra-transparent lens protected by the optical polycarbonate porthole. Batteries included. Technical sheet Torch Cressi Lumia Excellent ergonomics thanks to the rubber coating and the particular strongly asymmetrical shape 3-position switch: off - unstable on with automatic return - on 2 power levels: 210 lm / 10000 lux (General use) 260 lm / 12000 lux (Spearfishing) Neutral white color temperature similar to sunlight for maximum color rendering (cri> 75) Restricted light beam spot light beam of about 6 ° thanks to the TIR lens (total internal reflection)

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