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The "cage" feeder that, thanks to its shape and the ideal arrangement of the weights, allows to launch its contents at greater distances and at the same time, not to sink into the muddy bottoms of our channels. The ring-shaped truncated cone shape of the ballast and its position in the tail are ideal for a perfect flight path, while the construction material, totally lead-free, has been designed in function of maximum respect for the fish and due to its natural habitat and furthermore, the Distance Net Feeder network, like all the other Colmic feeders, is not made with crossed threads, but with a perforated sheet by means of a powerful punch press and this, not only guarantees a perfect uniformity of the cylinder, but also makes it impossible to detach the wires (which are not there) from the net itself, thus avoiding the danger of injuring your hands during its use. This cage feeder thanks to its special shape and the special weights distribution will allow long range casting and in the meantime it will not sink in silty bottom spots. The round conical shape and the positioning of the weight in the bottom part of the feeder will allow a perfect trajectory during the cast. The feeder is totally lead free and environmentally friendly. Furthermore the Distance Net Feeder, as every Colmic feeder, it's not made by crossed wires, but with a perforated plate through a powerful pounced press manufacturing that ensures a perfect uniformity of the cylinder, but also is able to prevent the wires-parting as well , preventing the damage to wound the hands during its usage.

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