SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
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SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130
SEASPIN artificiale EJA 130

Artificial SEASPIN EJA 130

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The Eja 130 SF is an artificial characterized by a minimal design that is at the same time captivating and incisive, underlined by a particular eye design that seems to give the artificial a serious and threatening appearance; the aesthetics of the Eja 130 SF, however, remain faithful to the guidelines of design that unites the entire Seaspin production. It is a pure jerkbait that for its great versatility is to be considered, like perhaps no other at this time, the artificial par excellence, which goes with great merit to occupy the place of honor in the famous triad "ONE MAN, ONE ROD , ONE LURE "which sublimates spinning fishing. One lure, because the Eja 130 is absolutely a "silver bullet", a silver bullet that contains important characteristics that allow it to be used in almost all fishing situations. Eja in Sardinian means "yes" and actually "yes", Eja is the artificial one to always have in the box, whether you fish in the sea or in fresh water, suitable for undermining prey such as sea bass, greenhouse, barracuda, amberjacks , bonito and all marine predators but also black bass, pike, trout, catfish. In essence, the Eja 130 was created to be the trump card in the search for almost all predators. The clean and soft lines of the hull, associated with the particular shape of the headstock and a precise balance of weights, the result of months of study using 3D modelers and simulators, and over two years of field tests, give the Eja ballistic qualities of everything relief even in extreme conditions. In flight, during the launch, it is pleasantly stable and composed, managing to pierce the wind and reach considerable distances, often prohibitive for a 13 cm artificial. During the fishing action, it is possible to perceive in the rod the vibrations produced by a characteristic swimming, energetic and dynamic but at the same time pleasantly fluid. Tested with different weather conditions and in all fishing environments, both at sea and in fresh water, the Eja has proved capable of swimming perfectly even in the presence of strong currents and major storms, giving the fisherman the awareness of always being, I always stress, in fishing. Effective on active recovery, both linear and animated by jerked rhythms, with skids of over 120 degrees, it is irresistible in the stop and go phases, thanks to a slight inclination of the head downwards accompanied by a delicate but visible roll on its axis, unique in its kind when used in restraint. Recovered from both water level locations and from high cliffs or harbor docks, it allows the fisherman to customize his swimming from the first to the last turn of the crank, maintaining trim and swimming depth for the entire recovery action. The Eja 130 is also effective at a wide range of speeds, without ever stalling, retaining its characteristics both if recovered slowly and at full speed, offering for this reason also to train drivers a product of sure interest. It is a jerk, slow floating, 130 mm long for about 23 g in weight, equipped with through armor and equipped with three # 6 tin-plated treble hooks, produced in twelve colors. Designed by Ciro Aprea in collaboration with the Seaspin Project.

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EJA 130

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