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In Sardinian, urigu means hustle and bustle, just what happens during a frenetic food activity at sea, what fishermen call mangianza, and it is precisely fishing on feed that Seaspin's Murigu is dedicated to. The metal body of a metal jig has been incorporated into a plastic casing, in search of a balanced relationship between weight and volume and a shape of the body that would also allow this type of bait to have its own movements. The great castability makes it suitable for staying away from feed and not disturbing predatory activity, and thanks to its slowed sinking, the position of the center of gravity and the shape of the body, it can be exploited in different ways compared to a traditional jig. If recovered slowly, it moves linearly like a quiet fish, if it accelerates but maintains constant recovery it takes a slight waggle that imitates a fish in activity, if recovered quickly it rises to the surface simulating a prey that tries to escape from the predator, while if left unarmed its attitude in fall is practically horizontal and with a very slight roll, in imitation of the little fish that have been injured or killed during the attacks of the predators. The Murigu was therefore born as a versatile bait for use on fish that attack in shoals such as bonito, tombarelli, alletterati, dolphins and more: the colors have been selected to have a wide variety of choices, from the different forage fish to the colors of fantasy, and in all the models the plastic covering the colored metal part gives the bait in the water a shiny halo that imitates the living fish. Designed by Davide Boledi and Alessandro Bacchetti Action (Action) No recovery: slow fall, slight roll on the axis and horizontal set-up Slow recovery: linear movement Regular recovery: wagging tail Fast recovery: tight wagging up to the surface

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